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Saturday, January 3, 2009

-= Lost for words =-

hallu everybody!!
hepi new year to all..sorry for not updating my blog..lately nie so so so many urgent matters have to be settled..though my laptop alwiz ade depan mate kat opis, still i couldnt update any new post at my blog.. :(

so......welcome 2009!! my azam for dis yr?? awat mcm xde je ek?..heheh..im intended to further my study dis yr..if i could la..still waiting da perfect time to do it..actually ive submitted my name to d hq regarding d offer from UUM..master in ECONOMY.........honestly im da one yg memg fail bile ade pape yg related to numbers..and then when i heard bout da offer, i think y not, rite? as wat mimi had said, "marketable..bachelor degree in political science..master in econs"..and of coz my dear nenex really2 support me to accept d offer..(coz his daddy could help me in doing thesis nnt)..hahah.......so INSYAALLAH if xde papa halangan, ill further my study soon..it has been about almost 7 months aku x buke pape educational book.. i only read some history books la..itu pun form 3 -5 nye books..coz i slalu kene bg ceramah yg obviously x pernah lari dgn isu2 sejarah nie..basically if im going to study dis year, seriously kene perah otak seperah-perahnye la..lame sgt dah x dok blaja btol2.. pray 4 me k guys..really hope i can study dis year..dun want to postpone too long..takot nanti lagi berkarat my little cute brain nie..( ayat ko ek nek? :p )

wokait..........2009 started wif so many gud and bad things...
sadness first,obviously, in da case of d PALESTINIANS..pity them.......there were a huge number of muslims died..we can see it through da news everyday, all da newspapers and also blogs..keep on publishing and broadcasting bout it..but then only one thing dat i can say....................until when??..during my kursus (my job memg related dgn kursus memanjang coz im in d unit latihan), ill alwiz show some videos to my participants wif regards to d issue of Palestinians..they usually cried..some of my participants stood up and said "kite dok diam je nape?sampai bile kite nak biar muslimin muslimat jd camni?"..i understood..but sape la kite nie..we're only Malaysians yg even kite nie bersemangat waja sekalipon nak tlg they all, tp we only can do nothing..seriously..yes, we can send any proposals or memorandum saying dat we want to stop all dat had happened at Palestine..but still it'll never reach to an end.........as a Muslim, i alwiz cried to ALLAH..and i remembered on some ayat in d Al-Quran..saying dat "kaum musyrikin x kan pernah berhenti menganiaya dan menghancurkan umat ISLAM"..sumtin like dat la.....tp kite kene try sebaik mungkin tuk selamatkan umat islam di muka bumi ALLAH nie..x kan kite nak biarkan makin banyak bilangan umat Islam yg mati bergelimpangan mcm yg kite tgk everyday at news??

wat can i say is even our people are trying their best to safe all d Palestinians, still its not enuf..where's d OIC?where's d PBB? mane smue yg ade political power to settle all dis probs??sampai bile they all just nak tgk and say "kite x leh nak watpe..all d political powers are being control by the west"..lali la dgn reason camtu..once upon a time, d muslims yg berkuasa kat muka bumi nie..everything yg de kat kite now nie, dulu smue muslims yang dapat dulu drpd org lain..d muslims were d scholars, educated people, politicians, etc..but wat happened now?all d powers have been grabbed an controlled by the west.. dah terbalik dah smue nie...

aku merayu dan memohon pada semua umat islam and to myself, jgn penah stop berdoa..try our best to safe our brothers n sisters out there..tighten back the Muslimhood among us..if among kite yg islam ni pon x kuat, how can we conquer back d world?..we've two great guidances..AL-QURAN and AL-SUNNAH..use them properly..use them all da time not only when we're in problems..maybe pe yg jadi nie salah kite satu mase dulu..and ALLAH tgh bg ujian pade kite umat ISLAM..during d time of RASULULLAH dulu pon, tentera-tentera ISLAM pernah tewas di medan pertempuran..tp Muslimin muslimat xkan pernah stop to change themselves to win da wars and to be a gud Muslim and servant of ALLAH..so kite pon kene buat bnd yg same gak..ALLAH ade dgn kite..ALLAH x pernah lupe tuk dengar rayuan dan doa dari hambaNya..so klu ALLAH x lupe kite, kenapa tergamak kite lupakan DIA..x perlu tgk jauh..just take a look wat had happened in our country..u tell me........

i hope dis 2009 akan menjadi tahun yg lebih baik dr tahun2 b4 dis..dgn pe yg jadi kat Palestinians, hopefully akan lebih kuatkan smgt kita tuk jd org yg lebih berguna dunia n akhirat..malays are muslims..muslims are malays..we need to strengthen our spirit each other.. no more fighting..no more killing here and there..no more badness...........

enuf for sadness..

so..happiness!.....ZOOM MALAYSIA!!!...hehehe...welcome to Malaysia..there are so many places to b visited in Malaysia..we've great islands, recreational parks, forests and many more..come to MELAKA, PENANG, LANGKAWI, JOHOR and all other states..we've PULAU TIOMAN, PULAU SIBU, PULAU PANGKOR and etc..haa..........im promoting my country not only to d tourists but to d Malaysians also! coz im pretty sure dat some of us ade gak yg x abes pusing2 around Malaysia..including me! ;) let us feel free and more happier dis year..semoga x de sgt big probs dis year as wat had happened last year..biar pe yg jd last year, jadi sempadan and rujukan tuk kite jd lebih baik and lebih aman, damai n selamat kat Malaysia nie..

  • epi belated busday to EDOT!!..24 thn dh dis year.. may ALLAH bless u and all ur wishes come true..struggle hard for ur last semester in UIA..then cepat2 masok ke alam pekerjaan!! ;)

  • welcome back to skul, cikgu @ ustazah tikah! i'll alwiz pray for ur gudness..jgn garang2 sgt..coz aku pon dah kene warning dgn boss "jgn garang2 sgt 2009 nie nadiah.."..haaa....bace la buku sejarah sebaik mungkin ek..let me noe if anything k.. may our fwenship will kekal selamenyer..sampai ke anak cucu...... :)

i lost for words for wat had happened to d Palestinians.. but i'll never lost for words to whom i noe and love very much in dis world..

happy new year!! :)
love u all!!


  1. thanx dear for praising me a lot.. but to all readers i'm not really perfect gurl.. just normal.. but having a gud friend would make me feeeeellll gud... thanx ya nad for be my gud fren.. bila nak amk brg ko ni?

  2. brg kebende weh??
    seingat aku, satu sen pon aku x ulor kat ko..
    haa....buat hal dah minah nie...
    nnt2 aku gi kl aku jumpe ko ek..teman ar aku lepak starbucks weh....manyak rindu!