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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Morning u allzz!!
Last nite sy gi umah kak ct..
Open house yg kedua di kalangan staf2 BTN Melaka..
Tonite umah kak aniah plak..
Tomorrow nite umah kak kiah..
Mau pecah perot kan?

Persoalannya di sini yang bermain2 di fikiran rakan2 opis, "umah cik nad bile plak?"
~ wink wink~
Leh tak kalau buat2 lupe je bile sampai turn umah sy??

Kalau ade mase, rezeki lbeh..
Ade le eh..

Last nite kak ct masak fav fud sy..
Ape tu?
Bihun goreng!!!
Makan sampai tak hengat dunia la katenye kan..
2 kali bertambah!!
Pergi, perot flat je..
Balek, perot..... YA AMPUN!!
Kwangkwangkwang....selamat la jawabnye...
Tapi no worries..
Coz i've my HERBALIFE...Yeah!!

So dis morning as usual, sy amek CAPPUCHINO SHAKE lagi..
Tapi yang sadisnye time buat shake kat kitchen pg td, it was my last stock shake la..
Waiting 4 new stock nie..
Ordered olredi last monday..
Cepat2 sampai eh..
X leh x de shake 4 my breakfast tau....

Da best part yg sy rase dis morning is, sesaje gatal tgn td pi kat pantry..
I asked kak kiah, "kak...akak wat air pe pagi nie?"
Kak kiah replied me, " ade teh 'o' ngan nescafe"..
Guys..... nescafe is my gile2 punye fav drink..
Tapi since sy dok minom HERBALIFE SHAKE nie, sy dah mcm melupekan nescafe tu..
Best eh? Dah dapat buang tabiat addicted to nescafe!

Kalau dulu, evry morning WAJIB amek nescafe..
If not, bdn rase lemah..ngantok..
But now, no need dah!!
So sy pon amek le teh 'o' yang kak kiah buat..then bawak naek bilik sy..

Guess wat, sampai je kat bilek, sesaje amek HERBALIFE TEA MIX-LEMON AND HIBISCUS dari my beg, then sy telah mencamporkannye ke dalam mug teh 'o' sy tadi...
YA ALLAH......
Bau, rase...sedap sgt!!!
Kenapa la all dis while sy x amalkan camni eh?
All dis while dok minom ngan air masak je..
Tu yang slalu terkulat-kulat muke..

So sy akan teroskan percubaan sy nie setiap hari rite after sy minom MY CAPPUCHINO HERBALIFE SHAKE!!
Taste great..
Feel great..

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Monday, September 28, 2009


Salam fwens..
Hari ni rase mood sangat baik..
Dan disebabkan itu, sy ingin meluangkan sket mase to all fwens out there bout da miracle of HERBALIFE..
~ wink wink ~
Hope u guys may gain something from these writing...

Herbalife is the #1 weight-management company in the world, has been for 29 years, operating in 71 countries and has more than 60 millions of satisfied customers worldwide! Herbalife Scientific and Medical Advisory Boards are armed with top scientists and doctors in the world, and also a Nobel Prize Winner.Herbalife is NOT ubat kurus. It's health FOOD in liquid form that contains the complete nutrients yg badan kita perlu on daily basis.

Herbalife products is Cellular Nutrition, which means it allows u to nourish each cell in your body from the inside out. They are scientifically formulated to target cells in specific tissues, organs and body systems such as heart, liver, skin, eyes and brain. That is why Herbalife sesuai utk semua peringkat umur - infants, kids, remaja, adults, pregnant women, breastfeeding mom, org tua, org sakit, etc. Bcoz it's health food, Herbalife can be consumed utk lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight or minum utk achieve optimum health. But here i'm gonna explain about the weight loss program.

Herbalife is designed to help u lose weight safely and effectively because Herbalife is all natural soy based product. It will also help to cleanse ur system and allow ur body to absorb good nutrients.

First of all, lemme explain about how our body works utk buang lemak. Our muscles need to have complete nutrients baru dia bole jalankan proses buang lemak. Kalau kita berlapar utk kurus, badan kita akan kekurangan essential nutrients that our body needs so we'll be nutrition deficiency. Kalau berlapar, amik slimming pills (drugs)/slimming tea, or going to slimming centers mmg bole turun berat, tapi sikit sgt and most importantly bukan lemak yg dibuang dari badan. Ur body will lose water n muscles instead (which is VERY important for ur body), so ur metabolisme akan slow down and in the long run u will gain more weight than before sbb muscles tak cukup aktif utk burn ur daily calories.

The first thing HL will do to your body is cleansing your body and your digestive system sbb badan kite byk toxic. So, you need to clean it before those nutrients from food could be absorbed. HL will solve those problems for you.

After deep cleansing your digestive system, the nutrients from HL shakes can be easily absorb. HL shake provides essential nutrients at the right proportion for your body on a daily basis. It's almost impossible to find these kind of nutrients from any modern food nowadays, even in veggies and fruits bcoz of the way they're produced n kept (pesticides, hormones, etc. The number of nutrients found in fruits n veggies has decreased over the years). Thus HL shake is the solution to this problem. Our body cells do not recognize the nutrients in high calorie food or fast food or most of the unhealthy food that we eat everyday, but HL shake is recognized by our body cells so that's why the nutrients are easily absorbed in our cells.

So anyway, since herbalife shakes cepat diserap dlm sel2 bdn dan muscles kita, muscles boleh jalankan proses buang lemak dgn cepat. Just like kalau kita buat workout or exercise - muscles kita aktif sbb kita buat weightlifting or lari on treadmill, etc. With herbalife, kita provide nutrients utk muscles kita so dia jadi aktif n bole jalankan proses buang lemak. We could lose our weight wif herbalife, even if we don't do workout. But then if we take herbalife AND buat workout jugak, result dia lagi cepat bcoz u're increasing ur metabolic rate.

Herbalife ada 3 main products:
1) Formula 1 (F1) Nutritious Mixed Soy Powder Drink -

a unique blend of soy protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and chinese herbs. It provides the essential nutrients your body needs when you are losing weight, helping you maintain your energy, stamina and muscle mass. Formula 1 can be blended with non-fat milk, soy milk, yogurt drink or fruit juice together with ice cubes to make a delicious shake. With 5 flavors to choose from; Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla, Strawberry, Cappucino and Tropical Fruit.

2) Formula 3 (F3) Blended Soy and Whey Protein Powder

contains high quality soy protein. Soy beans provide all the amino acids essential to human nutrition, which must be supplied in the diet because they cannot be synthesised by the human body. Adding Formula 3 to Formula 1 increases your protein intake without adding extra fat or calories from carbohydrates. Boosting your protein intake can help you lose weight faster and keep it off.

3) Tea Mix Lemon n Hibiscus / Peach flavor -

speeds up your calorie and fat burning, calms your cravings and energises you. Its key ingredient is green tea. In addition to its slimming properties, green tea is also rich in antioxidants that protect your body from harmful effects of free radicals.

My personal fav flavor is CAPPUCHINO (sbb x leh nak lari dari rase addicted pade nescafe..heheh). You can mix both the formulas (Formula 1 and Formula 3) with soya or juices or yogurt drink or non-fat milk or just plain water. U can also add in fruits or yogurt or ice cubes to make a tastier shake. Take the shakes 2 times a day, replacing ur breakfast and lunch/dinner meal. Then for the other one meal, u can eat seperti biasa. Tapi kalau nak faster result, eat colorful meal that's low in calorie. It is bcoz, in order for the body to burn fat, one's calorie tak boleh melebihi the amount of calories that ur body can burn daily, and this may differ from one person to another. Just fyi, on average, a woman can burn a total of 1200-1500 calories a day, if she is not an active/workout person. So kalau makan food yg jumlah calorie lebih dari tu dalam sehari, tenaga yg berlebihan disimpan jadi lemak.

That's y herbalife works and u can still enjoy ur favourite food once a day bcoz Herbalife shakes' calorie sgt rendah, only about 179 (when added with soy). So if u take herbalife let say for bfast and dinner, total calorie is only about 400! and you're left with about 800 calories that you can take with any of your favourite food. No problem! And remember, that's without even doing workout/exercise! If you exercise, then you'll burn fat like crazy coz you're increasing your metabolic rate!

As for the tea, drink it throughout the day, macam ganti ur daily intake of water. You can add honey if u like it to be sweet (i penah try letak sket gula bcoz at 1st place, rase mcm pahit semacam je..hehe..lame2 im ok wif it olredi). Should be drank about 1-2 liters daily, or more - hot or cold. It will help to lose weight faster and flush toxic in ur body. This tea really energize you, so if you drink it at night, mmg segar bugar takleh tido. By drinking it, u can feel the difference straight away.

And here's another great news; if u drink 800ml of strong tea, it is equivalent to 20 minutes' workout at the gym! It helps burn the fat even faster bcoz the tea increases ur metabolic rate.

Herbalife program allows u to lose at least 2-5 excess kgs in one month. Tapi tu semua depends on how many kgs yg u nak lose and how serious you are about losing weight. And since dia akan cleanse ur system, u will either berak2, or kencing2 or peluh2. Lain org, lain caranya. Some ppl will experience those, some won't. Whatever it is, dont worry coz it's working! It's just the way to detoxify naturally.If u're already in ur ideal weight range, then the kilos will take time to lose bcoz herbalife works more to shaping u up. Which means, u'll lose more on the inches and body fat percentage, which is just as great!


I purchased my HERBALIFE was actually bcoz nak maintain my weight n to refirm n fitkan balek my body..Dun want to be kurus tapi x fit..Before take shakes, my weight was 47kg..seriously i x intended langsong nak lose weight dah but by taking d shake, automatically i senang sgt jd kenyang n yesterday i timbang, i was 45.4kg within 2 months! My body fat decreasing, total body of water increasing, metabolic rate also increasing and yg paling best is i makin muda!! muda 6 years tau..haa..dah macam budak 18 thn (my metabolic age)..

Badan dah x rase letih sgt mcm dulu coz i drank the tea..even ade gak sumtimes i skip tp it really helps me when sampai masenye tuk i stay up memalam for study..air masak memg i min0m sgt byk..and sgt kerap kuar masok toilet, but im ok wif it..sgt puas hati when my face pon dah makin bersih.. ~wink wink~ .. naik tangga umah dah x mengah!! haa..jangan ingat orang kurus x mengah..hahah...

Only one word can describe myself now.. GREAT!!

Here are some of the testimonials from my fwens who are on Herbalife:

- "Kite sangat percaya da miracle of HERBALIFE..Kite gune non stop from 2007 and till now..kite lose 16 kg!! Kite pengguna yang setia!! Kulit muka jadi cantik, badan sehat dah tak sakit2 macam dulu..LELAH pon dah tak de since gune HERBALIFE..Hanya sapa yang guna HERBALIFE je tau, kan?kan? :) " (Yusra, schoolmate)

- "Saya pengguna HERBALIFE yang setia!" (Kak Dina, schoolmate)

- "Akak dah dapat balek berat yang akak nak..dok minum tea tu, badan jadi segar, sehat, ringan, tak ngantok dah la macam dulu..muka pon nampak sehat!" (Kak Aniah, opismate)

Herbalife doesn't claim that it can cure diseases, tapi ramai yg bila dah guna herbalife for months, their health improve too - mana yg dulu migraine now dah kurang/takde, sakit gout takleh jalan but with herbalife now dah bole jalan, sinus hilang, mcm2 lagi. It just makes sense that if u provide ur body with all the nutritions it needs on a daily basis, ur body is able to function properly and heal itself.


Here are the weight loss programs by Herbalife, each designed to suit ur budget and how fast u want to see the result:

1) Basic program (F1 only + Shaker cup) = RM 158.76 + RM 10.00 = RM 168.76
2) Intermediary program 1 (F1 + F3 + Shaker cup) = RM 158.76 + RM 112.32 + RM 10.00 = RM 281.08

3) Intermediary program 2 (F1 + Shaker cup + Tea Mix 50g only) = RM 158.76 + RM 10.00 + RM 125.28 = RM 294.04

4) Advance program (F1 + F3 + Tea Mix 50g + Shaker cup) = RM 158.76 + RM 112.32 + RM 125.28 + RM 10.00 = RM 406.36

The tea mix (LEMON & HIBISCUS) is also available in 100g = RM 217.08 AND

The tea mix (Peach) is also available but only in 100g = RM 217.08

Tea bottle (1 litre) = RM 23.00

Tea bottle (2 litre) = RM 25.00

** payment receipt available upon request

Remember, u are REPLACING MEALS so the amount of money u spend with Herbalife is about the same as u spend for other normal meal. Bcoz 1 Herbalife meal is only RM5-RM12 (depending on which program u choose). But u'll definitely benefit more with Herbalife meal coz it provides complete nutritions for ur body n also helps u to stay slim!

One bottle of formula 1 and formula 3 is approximately for 30 times punya meal, so kalau utk lose weight bole last up to 15 days (2 times a day). Which means, each month u will be needing 2 sets of any of the programs above (except for the tea mix coz it could last up to 1 month or so).

HERBALIFE has no side effects bcoz of it's natural-based product, and it's proven to deliver fantastic results and better health for almost 28 years! Except of course, the side effect is that u will have to change ur clothes bcoz u're shrinking! ;)

The programs to choose utk losing weight is actually depends on ur budget and how fast u wanna see the result. It doesn't matter which one u choose bcoz all the programs will help u to lose weight, cuma cepat atau lambat jer is the difference.

Take this analogy for example: Let say u wanna go to Johor from KL. And you have 3 cara nak pegi sana - either naik motor, car or plane. Imagine Johor is ur weight goal. And motor is Basic program (F1 only), car is Intermediary program (F1 and F3/tea) and plane is the Advance program (all 3 products). Kalau by motor, it would take about 5 hours or more utk sampai Johor. Nak kne stop isi minyak, more maintenance and u really need to take ur time utk sampai destination (if hujan, etc). Kalau by car, it takes about 3 1/2 hours. Not too long, and not too fast. U still have to make a stop utk isi minyak n all tho, but it's much faster than by motor. Kalau by plane would be the fastest, only about 45 minutes. U save lots of time, fastest and convenient. Tiga2 transportation pon akan sampai jugak ke destination; it's up to u to decide which one to choose.

Same goes to Herbalife programs. Basically,F1: provide all the essential nutrients that our body needs (paling penting), F3: helps to build lean muscles for the body to burn fat, Tea: increase metabolic rate to help burn calories, doesn't matter whether u just nak ilangkan spare tyre, or if u're overweight or anything, apa2 pon kalau amik yg Advance Program paling effective n cepat dpt result.

Semua product tu sesuai utk semua jenis fat problems so it's up to u nak choose which program. Of course I would highly recommend the advance program (I've been taking that one), especially if you have low metabolic rate, bcoz when all 3 products combine together, proses turun berat badan is at maximum speed.

I also do wellness evaluation which is somekind of a body analysis. It's a complimentary service for all my customers who are interested. It's an analysis that cud measure the fat percentage in ur body, whether the fat in ur tummy area dlm kategori sihat ke tak, ur metabolisme rate, water level in ur body, ur muscle mass, how healthy is ur body system, etc etc so this will help a lot in ur weight loss program. Some ppl might think that they are still fat walaupon they lose inches (but slow on the kilos) so dgn cara ni u can know whether the fat in ur body dah kurang ker tak.

Kalau buat kat hospital or clinic it wud cost about RM100-200+ per session. U can do the wellness evaluation with me once a week or two, or anytime that's convenient to u (by appointment). I will be giving each one of my customers with a health report card so u can see ur progress with Herbalife. Btw, this body analysis is not for those who want to lose weight jer. It's for everyone.


Of course, if you stop Herbalife and continue to your old eating habits like u did before Herbalife, you will gain weight! That's just logic.Take this for example.

Here's your daily menu before Herbalife: Breakfast - Nasi lemak / nasi goreng / mee goreng / roti canaiLunch - Nasi + lauk pauk / etcDinner - Nasi + lauk pauk / mee / etc. Total calories dlm sehari dah exceed 2000kcal (Do you know sepinggan benda2 bergoreng like mee or nasi, calorie dia on average 800+? That's for ONE meal only!). And that's not including those high-calorie snacks and drinks! And oh, let's not forget fast-food! In average, we're eating 1000+ calories MORE than what our body can burn in a day! It's no wonder we gained weight.

Now let's look how your daily menu and calories would be like with Herbalife: Breakfast - Herbalife shake Lunch - Nasi + lauk pauk, Dinner - Herbalife shake. Your total calories in a day is LESS than 1000 kcal, so of course you can definitely lose weight!! (Remember, a woman's average calorie burning is 1200-1500 kcal in a day). And you can even have snacks in between meals, no problem! Of course snacks should be those of low-calories food like protein bar, yogurt, fruits, crackers, oats, salad, etc. bcoz what you eat, counts!

So logically, once you stop Herbalife and continue back to your old daily menu, of course you will gain your weight back bcoz of the calories in the food that you ate! It doesn't take rocket science to prove all that. The reason for your weight gain (dulu, kini dan selamanya) is bcoz the total amount of calories that you have eaten in a day has exceeded the amount of calories that your body can burn (Basal Metabolic Rate). So instead of using the calories from food as energy, the extra calories will be stored in your body as fats. If you continue this bad eating habit, your body will accumulate fat and there's no way your body can burn those fats unless u do workout to increase your metabolic rate OR control your food intake so that it doesn't exceed your Basal Metabolic Rate.

Herbalife program is designed not only to help u lose weight, but also helps you to begin a healthy eating habit. It's more important to change your eating habits than losing weight, bcoz once u're eating the right way, u will definitely lose weight. Most people don't realize this and their target is only "to lose weight", so that's what they get - lose weight jer. Once they stop their diet, they will gain back bcoz they don't bother changing their eating habits as well. Eating habits cannot be changed overnight - our body needs at least 90-120 days to get used to a new eating habit bcoz we have been developing our current eating habits for months, or even years - so u need some time to train your body to get used to the new healthy eating habits.

Don't worry, give your body a chance to do all that..


Herbalife shakes helps u to develop healthy eating habits so that's why we replaced meals with the shakes. We also have Maintenance Program right after losing weight. Bcoz as I said, losing weight is not the ultimate goal - maintaining is. Maintenance program is just as important as losing weight bcoz by maintaining, it ensures that your body can get used to the "new weight" and keep it off.

So insyaallah, after completing the weight loss and maintenance programs with Herbalife, your body will get used to eating healthily and u won't gain weight.

The table below summarizes the difference between Weight Loss and Maintenance Programs:-

WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM: 2 Shakes in a day, 1 Meal in a day

MAINTAINANCE PROGRAM: 1 Shakes in a day, 2 Meals in a day

GAIN WEIGHT PROGRAM: 3 Shakes in a day, 3 Meals in a day (take ur shakes after meals)

Btw, the period of maintenance program will be the same as it takes for you to lose your weight. For example, if Miss X takes 3 months to lose 10 kgs, so Miss X's Maintenance Program will also be 3 months.


There are 2 options :

-Delivery or Meet-up Delivery:

a) The delivery charge is a flat rate of RM15 for Peninsular Malaysia, and RM30 for Sabah & Sarawak. Once u have confirmed which product to purchase, please email me the details as follows:

1) Full name

2) Mailing address

3) Contact number

4) Orders

5) Desired flavor

Once payment is made, ur orders will be placed, and it will be sent to you by courier service in 1-3 days' time (depends on ur location).

b) Meet-up:

Meet-ups can be done on weekends only (by appointment), at Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka areas only. Once u have decided which product to purchase, please give the following details:

1) Name & Contact Number

2) Orders

3) Desired Flavor

4) Available date to meet

Please make a deposit of at least 50% of the total price to my bank account prior to meeting up. Baki bole kasi masa jumpa.You can make the payment to either one of these accounts of mine:


- Maybank


Account No: 162834016353



Account No: 14370062157528

Once u have received the products, I will email you the guidelines in detail ( how to make the shakes, when to drink, when not to drink, meal plan etc). I will be coaching you throughout ur weight loss program via email/YM/phone/sms should u have any problems. If u're interested, u can call / sms me (017-6698145), email me or visit my FACEBOOK at nadiah85@yahoo.com ..U may also take a look into my blog at http://www.nadiah-nad.blogspot.com/ ..and not to forget to visit http://www.myherbalife.com/ okies!! :)

Thank you!


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Last Monday, family belah ibu dtg umah.
Ramainye ya ampun..
Menu dat nite was " KAK LONG SEAFUD SPAGETTI "
Sebab sy le chef mlm tu..

Sangat cuak time smue org serbu meja mkn sambil menyenduk spagetti yg dah siap dihidangkan..
Dalam hati ni dup dap dup dap...
Terpikir "sedap ke tak eh spagetti aku nie?"
Mane tak nye..
Before dis biasenye masak tuk diri sendiri..and my own family..
Tetibe dat nite masak tk lebih 50 orang kot..
Kecot perot seh!

Dari jaoh sy usha meja mkn..
Slowly come close to meja mkn..
Lame2 terpacak le muke nie kat btol2 meja mkn tu..
Sebab pe?
Sebab mak ndak, mak ucu, mak ude smue dok tanye, " bile pulak kak long pandai ber italian2 bagai nie?? sedap la..bagi resipi? emel eh"
Wah....pandai plak nak beremel2 mak2 sedare sy nie..

Then pak ude panggil..

Pak uda: Noi.. (Pak de je yg call me wif dis name)
Me: Yes pak de..
Pak uda: Sian pak de tgk ko nie noi..
Me: Asal lak pak de?
Pak uda: Masak sedap..tapi ko tak mkn ke? dah mcm org tak cukop vitamin pak de tgk ko noi..
Me: Heh?? Nur mkn le pak de..dah memg x nak naik2 bdn nie skang..alaa, dulu pon pak de dah tgk Nur gemok, kan.. Now kene maintain, pak de...janji sehat!
Pak uda: Memg le ko sehat, noi.. ibu kamu tak bg mkn ke?
Me: Eh..cukup le pak de.. Nur yg dah tak kuat mkn cam dulu..
Pak uda: Nie dok masak sedap2 nie, dah sampai mase ke?
Me: Err... Mase pe pak de?
Pak uda: Buat2 tanye plak..pape pon, pak de restu je...
Me: Ke situ plak...lambat lg la pak de..nak abes blaja dulu, carik duit..haa, baru le leh pk..bukan senang nak kawen2 nie, pak de..
Pak uda: Ye..memg le btol..jgn pk nak de duit time majlis je..carik duit lbeh2..


Suddenly Mak uda lak menyampuk..
Mak uda: Nadiah.. Mak de tgk ko nye dagu makin pjg..
Me: ~ wink wink ~ .. Err, ape yg pjg nye mak de???
Mak uda: Ye la..makin susut mak de tgk ko ni.. Mkn pe ek..
Me: Nur dah x diet mcm dulu, mak de..now nie nur maintain berat je.. Nur gune HERBALIFE..
Mak uda: Ape tu?
Me: (sambil membawa stok HERBLIFE ku).. nie ha mak de.. SHAKE HERBALIFE!! sedap tau mak de..kenyang sgt bile amek shake nie.. bdn dah kurang penat, sebab nur minum teh nie gak.. air minum byk2, mak de.. coz air tlg cepatkan proses buang lemak.. Nur amek skali sehari.. coz nur juz nak maintain berat n fitkan bdn.. klu tuk kurgkan berat, amek 2 kali sehari.. nak tambah berat pon leh mak de..amek 3 kali sehari...
Mak uda: Tu la.. mak de penah try mcm yg ko buat dulu.. tapi x tahan la Nadiah, x mkn nasik..
Me: Try le nie mak de.. sehat badan, muke pon bersih!
Mak uda: Nanti mak de cakap kat Pak de..

Dah berkembang pasal my spagetti and also HERBALIFE!!..
Up to my family nak try ke tak..
Yang penting sy dah share pe yg patot..

Last Friday plak..
My cousin msg me..
" Kak long, ibu tanye pasal HERBALIFE aritu..ibu kate ibu nak try "
Rase nak nanges!! tapi hepy nie dlm ati...
Coz ade gak yg sudi nak try...

So dat nite sy gi umah mak ndak dgn membawa my supervisor and d product..
She is my classmate kat UIA dulu, n she's da one yg introduce me wif HERBALIFE..
Nape sy bwk Farah?
Sebab Farah ade penimbang berat.. kene timbang my aunty, my couzin before they all consume HERBALIFE..
So after dis lehcheck brape byk pengurangan yg berlaku..
We both explained evrything to Pak ndak, Mak ndak n my cousin bout HERBALIFE..
And they agreed to try d product..
U guys nak tau brape set they all beli?
4 set, ok??!!!

We both remind them to alwiz put an effort n dsiplin sgt penting tuk kurgkan berat nie..
Dun forget to take d shake evrytime they all breakfast and dinner..
Lunch makan mcm biase...
Drink lots of water n tea!

Sy sgt2 berharap my family leh lose weight after dis...

So my fwens out there...
Come and join me using dis product..
U will see the differences...

For more information, u guys may visit dis website, www.myherbalife.com and do call or email me at nadiah85@yahoo.com ..
Love u guys!!

~ http://www.nadiah-nad.blogspot.com ~

Friday, September 25, 2009


Salam fwens!!
Wanna noe more bout it??
Come and ask me!
I'll let u noe!!


Hampir seminggu umat ISLAM menyambut lebaran AIDILFITRI nan mulia tahun ini..
Tahun ini adalah AIDILFITRI yang penuh bermakna buat diriku dan keluarga..
Sebab our big family bersatu kembali, berkumpul beraya bersama di hari yang mulia..

Pagi hening SYAWAL pertama familyku bermaafan seikhlas hati bagi segala salah silap yang dilakukan..
Hari inilah saat yang sangat dinantikan bagi seluruh ahli keluarga bagi bersama-sama meraikan detik yang bermakna ini..
Moga segala yang keruh diganti sudah dengan yang jernih..
Manusia lemah..hina di mata ALLAH..takkan terlepas dari melakukan salah dan silap..

Ziarah sanak saudara menjadi agenda utama di AIDILFITRI..
Agenda turun-temurun umat ISLAM..
Tak dilupakan jua kepada mereka yang telah pergi..
AL-FATIHAH diberi sebagai ganti diri dan tanda ingatan kepada mereka yang telah tiada..

Keakraban, kasih sayang, kegembiraan, gelak tawa, tangisan, kemesraan..
Mata menjadi saksi semua perasaan ini..
Doa dipohon agar tidak terputus tali SILATURRAHIM ini..
Tali ini yang tak mungkin dapat ditukar ganti..
Sungguh hebat lebaran AIDILFITRI ini..
Maknanya terpahat teguh di hati dan doa..
Semoga umat ISLAM saudara-maraku..
Akan sentiasa dirahmati ALLAH dalam tali persaudaraan ini..


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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Salam eidul fitr to all fwens!!
Semoga lebaran ini membawa seribu erti kemanisan bagi seluruh umat ISLAM di muka bumi ALLAH..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sistem Perawatan Air OXI-PI ( RM 2,120.00 )
~ Membantu membaiki tahap kesihatan ~

Susu Koles-Gen ( RM 98.00 )
~ Membantu sistem imunisasi badan ~

Stoking Bertenaga-Bio ( RM 38.80 )
~ Menggalakkan peredaran darah, mencegah pembiakan bakteria, menyingkir bau busuk ~

Set Apple Gold ( RM 398.00 )
~ Anti penuaan, mencerah dan menegangkan kulit, mengatasi masalah muka ~

Ry-Ilex ( RM 58.00 )
~ Membakar kolesterol dalam darah, melancarkan perjalanan darah, bagi pesakit jantung, stroke, tegang leher ~

Shower Scrub ( RM 25.00 )
~ Menanggalkan kulit mati, memecah lemak, mencerahkan kulit ~

Serbuk Pencuci ( RM 17.80 )
~ Menanggalkan pelbagai kotoran degil di pakaian ~

Revo Extra ( RM 98.00 )
~ Minyak pelincir untuk kenderaan anda ~

Q-She ( RM 68.00 )
~ Meningkatkan dan membaiki kadar hormon estrogen yang mengaktifkan kolagen bawah kulit ~

Red Guara Cafe-16 sachets ( RM 19.80 )
~ Kopi bercitarasa hebat ~

Red Guara Box-95 sachets ( RM 118.00 )
~ Kopi bercitarasa hebat ~

Red Guara Aluminium-18 sachets ( RM 22.00 )
~ Kopi bercitarasa hebat ~

OXY Pi D'Ionik ( RM 7.90 )
~ Membantu proses penyingkiran asid urik dan fostat, mengubat keracunan makanan, membantu meningkatkan tahap metabolisme badan ~

Fantasiola (Lipstik Magic Color) ( RM 29.00 )
~ Warna berubah mengikur aliran darah ~

Nu-Age ( RM 78.00 )
~ Awet muda dan untuk kesihatan, membantu mengurangkan senggugut ~

Nig' Ella ( RM 45.00 )
~ Kaya dengan zat mineral dan vitamin yang diperlukan badan, membantu mengurangkan asma, stroke dan batuk ~

Love Hygiene Wash ( RM 25.00 )
~ Keindahan sejati dalaman wanita ~

Inte-Cleanse ( RM 48.00 )
~ Membersih dan membina usus, melawaskan pembuangan najis, melegakan sembelit, menurunkan berat badan ~ D-Laila 2 in 1 ( RM 48.50 )
~ Set untuk kulit muka berjerawat dan berminyak ~

Fantasia Perfumed Body Moisturize ( RM 48.00 )

E-G'nius ( RM 48.00 )
~ Membantu meningkatkan fungsi sel otak ~

D-Laila 3 in 1 ( RM 48.50 )
~ Set untuk kulit muka biasa, kering dan berjeragat ~

D-G'nius ( RM 39.50 )
~ Membantu menyuburkan fungsi sel otak ~

D-Bless ( RM 76.00 )
~ Berfungsi sebagai "pain killer" dan membantu membongkarkan pelbagai penyakit ~

Clon Clenz ( RM48.00 )
~Membersih dan membina usus, melawaskan pembuangan najis, sembelit, stress, menurunkan berat badan, meningkatkan tahap metabolisme badan, baik untuk penghadaman ~

Bidadari ( RM 53.00 )
~ Membina sistem rahim, meningkatkan seri wajah ~

Be-One Multi Gel ( RM 44.50 )
~ Membantu memecah lemak, selulit, sengal badan, sengal bisa, sakit gigi, sakit kepala atau migrain, senggugut, kesan melecur, mengurut ~

Amazing ( 45.00 )
~ Membina emunisasi tubuh dan membina kembali usus, gastrik, luka dalam perut, pembedahan, kelesuan, batu karang ~


Yesterday, cuti..
Pagi nie bukak FB, tengok uncle de tanye pasal DCL..
Emm... ade sket senyuman kat ctu..
Subuh tadi plak my junior FARAH (UIA) msg..
She asked me to join her wat extra money dgn HERBALIFE..
Since HERBALIFE pon aku gune gak, so y not kot if aku nak join..kan?kan?

Ape-ape pon, biznes ke or pape keje la yg kite wat, semangat sangat penting..
Tak kesah la hasil dapatannye menjadi or tak..
Yang penting, we put an effort..
Dat's important kan..

So to fwens out there, lets join me consume these products of DCL and HERBALIFE for a better health and beauty..


Monday, September 14, 2009


Assalamualaikum to all readers..

Adakah di antara anda yang pernah mendengar barangan keluaran DCL?

DCL merupakan satu badan pengeluar dan pengedar produk alternatif yang menghasilkan pelbagai jenis produk dalam konteks kesihatan, penjagaan diri, dan kecantikan tanpa memberi kesan sampingan atau risiko terhadap pengguna dengan harga yang berpatutan..

Secara keseluruhannya produk yang dikeluarkan adalah berasaskan bahan mewah semulajadi yang menjanjikan hasil dan kepuasan optimum seperti yang diperlukan oleh tubuh badan kita..

Antara produk yang boleh anda peroleh di DCL:
  • minuman berfungsi (9 jenis)

  • makanan berfungsi (1 jenis)

  • homeopati (3 jenis)

  • herba tradisional (4 jenis)

  • penjagaan rumah (1 jenis)
  • penjagaan diri (3 jenis)

  • penjagaan kecantikan (5 jenis)

  • rawatan air (1 jenis)

So... What are u guys waiting for?
  1. Bagi yang telah pun melanggan produk DCL, anda boleh menghubungi saya bagi mendapatkan harga yang lebih murah apabila membeli barangan DCL..
  2. Anda juga boleh menggunakan nombor keahlian saya apabila membeli barangan DCL bagi mendapatkan harga yang murah..
  3. Bagi mereka yang sukar memperoleh produk DCL di tempat kediaman anda, saya juga boleh membantu membelikannya dan mengepos ke alamat anda..

Saya sudi dan bersedia membantu sahabat-sahabat untuk kesihatan dan kecantikan diri yang lebih teratur dan terbaik..

~ Bagi yang berminat, anda dialu-alukan menghubungi saya di alamat emel: nadiah85@yahoo.com atau http://www.nadiah-nad.blogspot.com/ ~

Untuk makluman lebih lanjut mengenai produk DCL, anda turut boleh melayari laman web berikut, http://www.dcl,com.my/ ..


Sunday, September 13, 2009


I manage to finish reading my new novel, " Rooftop Rant " by Hlovate..
Penulis novel yang aku kian kagumi hasil nukilannya..
I bought dis book on Friday..
Since now dok melangok je kat opis..
Besides playing games and melayan my FB..
So ive decided to " on " balek my hobby!!

Its been a very long time novel2 dah aku ignore kan..
Keje banyak..
So once dah ade chance mcm nie, better i grab it rite?

Dis book makes me smiles, cries.... a lot!!
Mengisahkan kisah dua orang hamba ciptaan ALLAH yang takde pertalian darah..
Datang dari buku alam yang berbeza..
Namun intipatinya hampir serupa..
JADE..TRISY (ZAID & BATRISYA).. nice name eh?

Both of them ade probs yg tersendiri..
Anak muda Melayu yang kian membesar ini terbelenggu dalam kehidupan..
Dek masalah yang tidak pernah kenal erti perit..
Masih mendatangi mereka dan terus menapak..
Namun dengan kehendak-NYA, mereka ini diberikan HIDAYAH..

Siapa sangka.. Siapa menduga..
Tanpa mereka pinta..
Liku kehidupan yang selama ini kelam, gelap tanpa ade sedikit pon cahaya..
Sebenarnya ada sinar yang menanti di sebalik kelam itu..
ALLAH maha mengetahui..
ALLAH maha menyayangi hamba-NYA..
ALLAH sentiasa menentukan yang terbaik untuk hamba-NYA..

TRISY menjadikan JADE sebagai " Wonderwall " nya..
Tempat tuk diluahkan segala beban yang tertanggung oleh gadis yang hampir rosak kerana kurang kasih sayang..
Kurang perhatian..
Mewah dengan wang ringgit..
Papa kedana dengan kasih sayang..
Pada JADE segalanya dikongsikan..
Kadang kala dirasakan orang asing yang tiada pertalian darah ini, biasanya lebih memahami, menyedari, menyayangi dirinya daripada mereka yang bergelar AHLI KELUARGA..

Siapa sangka.. Siapa menduga..
JADE punya perjalanan hidup yang hampir serupa dengan TRISY..
Kedua anak muda ini berkongsi cerita..
Berkongsi beban yang dipikul..
Yang hakikatnya bukan mereka pinta..

Kehidupan mereka lalui setelah di pertengahan jalan, mereka terpisah..
Masing2 mengejar cita-cita dan impian..
Masing2 menyokong antara satu sama lain..

Siapa sangka.. Siapa menduga..
Walau sedalam mana lautan..
Walau setinggi mana pukulan ombak..
Namun persahabatan dan doa mereka senantiasa terukir di bibir..
Menantikan hari kejayaan dan janji mereka untuk dikotakan bersama..

ALLAH jua telah menitipkan HIDAYAH kepada hamba yang disayangi-NYA..
JADE dan TRISY masih disayangi..
Masih diberi peluang..
Masih diberi kesempatan..
Antara ruang dan peluang yang diterima mereka inilah, mereka gunakan sebaik mungkin..

Siapa sangka.. Siapa menduga..
Mereka bertemu dalam wajah dan lembaran baru yang lebih suci dan murni daripada kegelapan yang perlu dan wajar tuk dilontarkan sejauh-jauhnya.........

" Hidup tak selalunya lawa
Tak semestinya ada pelangi
Kalau nak kata a bed of roses pun, durinya tetap ada
Kadang-kadang bilamana 'malapetaka' itu datang
Terasa macam kene gelek ke bumi dek ahli sumo
Rasa macam dah tak mampu bangkit
Rasa macam dah tak mampu hela nafas"
" ALLAH tak akan bebankan hamba-NYA
Dengan apa yang dia tak mampu! "
" Lontarkan kalau ia meracun.. kongsikan walau hanya pada awanan "

Friday, September 11, 2009


Sedar tak sedar, ade lebih kurang seminggu lagi nak sambut eidul fitr..
Baju2 adek2 and abah semua aku dah settle..
Ibunye memg awal2 dah settle..
Dah sedozen baju raye aku dis year..
Entahkan abes pakai entah tak..
Camtu le aku bile raye..
Sejak kecik lagi..
Baju mesti dekat2 10 pasang..
Tapi abes pakai..
Dats y aku tak heran bile baju raye aku banyak gile..
Tapi org len teramat le pelik..
~ wink wink ~

Balek wikend nie nk kene kemas umah ape yang patot..
Enuf la tdo2 nie nad!!

Keje wajib aku is bukak sarong sofa n basoh..
Then tukar langsir..
Then vacuum sofa n umah..
Haa..ni fevret aku..

Jadi bersama2 la kita bantu-membantu tuk mencantikkan umah bagi menyambut ketibaan hari bahagia..
Hari mulia...

Jangan ade yg curik2 tulang...
Aku tau sape!!

Tak sabar nye nak raye!!
Jalan2 gi beraye...
Kumpul duit raye!!


Thursday, September 3, 2009


Someone sent me a msg jap tadi..
Someone tu is my besty la kan..
My nenex of coz..

Her msg seriusly make me smile sengsorang..
Bukan ade kene mengene wif me pon..
Tapi maybe intipati msg tu memg buatkan my nenex hepy, so i am!!

Teruskan le senyumanmu itu sampai ke petang..
Biar cepat sket time buke tu sampai..

I'm happy for u, besty..
Love ya!!