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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

-= Moments wif her =-

  • last Sunday i watched a movie titled "Upin n Ipin" wif my beloved sister..ive watched da movie previously wif my officemates..da movie was very very interesting 4 all of us to watch..it includes several kind of feelings..a funny-adventure-sad-biol kind of movie...heheh..even dah about 2 wiks ditayangkan, sambutan amat menggalakkan..hall penoh dengan parents and kids..till da 1st row pon full house..
  • my adek said to me, "kaklong, nnt belikan ya dvd nie ek?..best ar"..die gelak sampai pecah perot dat day..really happening!
  • we watched da movie at jusco seremban..we arrived at jusco lg 10 more minutes show nak start, just try our luck to buy da tickets but its already sold out.. so we bought ticket for 5.30pm show..while waiting 4 da movie to begin, we went to Johnny's..having our "brunch" (breakfast + lunch)..my adek, as usual if hang out wif me, alwiz akan order itu ini..bab mengabeskan my money, bg la kat die..huhuh...
  • after we had our brunch, we went to play some games and window shopping..i bought for my sister a story book and gum.. i joined her playing the ice-hockey game which is sgt2 la gile bile bermain dgn si kecik nie..
i realised dat we've been missing so much moment to be shared together...... :(
i wish to spend much more time wif her in future..my job now nie makes me so so pack wif all my schedules even me myself pon now mcm dah tak terurus...........


  1. Awww, your sister is so cute!! Your post makes me miss my little nephews! Don't you hate how working takes us away from time with the people we love?

  2. ape eh nama adik awak neh.
    lupa pulak. hehe

    This is the girl with thousand words. She is chirpy and will always distracted you with funny funny questions.
    Okay, i missed my childhood now.

    Bosan kan kerja. Bila la boleh nak berhenti kan...

  3. hehehe...

    sarah : i love her so much..my life is so bored witout her u noe..

    mimi : namenye ira, cik puan mimi..
    chirpy ek? hahahah....

    i'm so tired la guys...

  4. mak ngah.......

    miss u, miss iiu and miss everything.