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Sunday, March 8, 2009

-= Peoples who i want to meet =-

i was helping my sister doing her homework yesterday while suddenly i was thinking of my previous teachers..my beloved teachers who had teached me from my secondary school till university..and now i'm standing here as a deputy director..who noes kan?..

i feel like i want to meet my teachers badly..seriously i miss them so much..here are some names of my favorite teachers who had made me as who i am today...

  • Puan Nor Aziah - she was my discipline teacher in Sek. Ren. Keb. Convent Jalan Peel..she's da one who had appointed me to be a prefect since standard 2 till standard 6..she was also my favorite teacher in school coz she teached me how to be a good dancer in school..i attended her class, her program and everything about dancing..i love to dance!!!
  • Puan Wan Zainab - she's da most humble teacher i've known..her family and my parents were close..there was 1 moment where my parents couldnt manage to fetch me up from school..so she asked me to stay wif her at her house while waiting 4 my parents..she cares about me a lot..maybe becoz her children smue dah growned up..so she has me as her little kid..heheh..she helped a lot in Bahasa Melayu and Kelas Menjahit..ive won 1st place every year in pertandingan menjahit.. (but now, dah xtau nak menjahit dah.... hehe)
  • i was among da great debator during my secondary school till primary..but then once i entered IIUM, dah x de semangat nak jadi debator..yet, now i'm back as an officer who could give a talk well to students..person who had made me to be a brave, great, talkative debator till now is Puan Noorliza..da highest achievement ive ever had was in "Pertandingan Pidato Piala Diraja Sekolah-sekolah Menengah Kuala Lumpur"..i miss her so much..i want to let her noe dat i thank her so much to make me to be who i am now.. "Cikgu, klu cikgu tak push saya dulu, saya x kan berani nak bercakap depan crowd till now.."
  • Cik Habibah - my math's teacher..hehehe...during my secondary school, my math was ok la..sgt2 ok and i was in love with "congak"..Cik Habibah alwiz gave us a lot of homework..everyday ade 250 math quests dat need to be settled and submitted on the next day..she trained us to be a very well and cekap student in math.. :)
  • Puan Zaleha - hahahahahaha........my cikgu yang paling bising!! she was my warden too..during my school time at SMAKL, i was among da naughty student la..but then when i was appointed to be a prefect during form 4, me myself mcm x percaye..and at 1 moment, my gud fwen dat time, macam menjauhkan diri la dari myself..huhuh...sgt sdeh..so, Puan Zaleha ni was my pidato and debat's teacher..she trained me well till i could defeat our musuh ketat, bdak2 Sri Puteri in pertandingan Pidato Piala Diraja.. tq cikgu!!
  • Puan Siti Rakiah - my 1st time being in SMAKL, when i saw Puan Siti Rakiah, i said to myself, "macam ibu la cikgu nie"..da way she walk, speak, teach, dressing, everything in her reminds me of my ibu.. she teached me BM and Geog which is same subjects gak yg ibu mengajar kat her skul..Cikgu Siti Rakiah was also a person who teached me in pantun, pidato, debat, bahas and forum remaja..i like her style..stylish, pretty, discipline and jalan laju! hehehe.....

these are among people who i realy realy want to meet..plus, if i could meet wif all of my theachers, huhuhuh......so great isnt it?? ramai lagi yang i want to meet.. Puan Sara, Puan Salmah, Puan Junaidah, Ustaz Shukri, Ustaz n Ustazah Sekolah Agama Al-Ridhwan, Ustaz Kamarul, Ustazah Najibah, Puan Eliza.........and many more....

they teched me very well till i could be like who i am now..
no words can describe their supports, sacrifice to me and my dear other friends..
x kira masa, penat, lelah, cikgu-cikgu mengajar kami..
without them, we are not like wat we are now..

thank you so so much my dear teachers..jasamu akan kukenang..for me, being a teacher is da most noble job in da world..so nek, u shud be proud of urself! :)


  1. Puan Siti's now kat SEJAYA..Go n see her! haha

  2. hahah... i will....
    time nak anta kad kawen nnt kot...